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จัดเต็ม Synonyms 50 คำยอดฮิต หมดปัญหานึกออกแต่คำซ้ำๆ มาอัพ Band writing กันเถอะ! 🥳🙌

Amazing Incredible, Fantastic, Fabulous, Astonishing, Extraordinary Answer Respond Awful Terrible, Abominable, Dreadful Bad Evil, Spoiled, Imperfect, Infamous, Dismal Beautiful Gorgeous, Ravishing, Dazzling, Exquisite, Stunning Begin Initiate, Commence, Inaugurate Big Huge, Enormous, Gigantic, Humongous, Substantial, Mammoth

Break Rupture, Fracture, Shatter Calm Serene, Peace, Tranquil Come Approach, Arrive Cool Chilly, Frosty, Icy Cut Chop, Slash, Slit Dangerous Hazardous, Risky, Precarious Decide Determine, Settle

Definite Certain, Positive, Obvious Delicious Savoury, Titbit, Delectable Describe Portray, Characterise Destroy Demolish, Slay, Ruin, Raze Difference Disagreement, Inequity, Dissimilarity Dull Boring, Uninteresting, Monotonous, Humdrum, Dreary End Terminate, Conclude, Cessation

Explain Elaborate, Interpret Fall Drop, Descend, Topple Famous Well-known, Renowned, Eminent, Illustrious Fast Quick, Rapid, Hasty, Snappy, Swift Fat Stout, Corpulent, Chubby, Bulky Funny Amusing, Humorous, Droll, Hilarious Get Acquire, Obtain, Secure, Procure, Gather

Good Excellent, Fine, Wonderful, Superior, Gracious, Superb, Splendid, Genuine, Sterling, Top-notch, Great Worthy, Distinguished, Grand, Considerable, Mighty Happy Pleased, Delighted, Elated, Joyful, Ecstatic, Jubilant, Jaunty Hate Despise, Loathe, Abhor, Abominate Have Possess, Own, Acquire, Help Aid, Assist, Support, Encourage, Relieve Hide Conceal, Cover, Mask, Veil

Idea Thought, Concept, Notion Important Necessary, Vital, Critical, Indispensable, Valuable, Essential, Famous, Notable Interesting Fascinating, Engaging, Spirited, Intriguing, Gripping, Enthralling, Captivating Little Tiny, Diminutive, Exiguous, Dinky, Cramped Look Gaze, Glance, Peek, Glimpse, Stare, Leer Love Like, Admire, Fancy, Care for, Adore Make Create, Originate, Invent, Construct, Manufacture, Produce, Compose

Move Plod, Creep, Crawl, Drag, Toddle, shuffle, Trot, Lumber, Meander Neat Orderly, Tidy, Trim, Natty, Smart, Elegant New Unique, Modern, Current, Recent Old Feeble, Ancient, Aged, Veteran, Mature, Primitive, Stale Place Draw, Map, Diagram, Procedure, Method, Blueprint Show Display, Exhibit, Indicate, Reveal, Demonstrate Tell Disclose, Reveal, Expose, Narrate, Inform, Divulge Use Employ, Utilise, Exhaust, Spend Wrong Incorrect, Inaccurate, Mistaken, Erroneous, Improper, Unsuitable

คอร์สเรียนวีดีโอราคาประหยัด โดยศิษย์เก่าวิทยาลัยนานาชาติมหิดล ตัวจริงเรื่องภาษาอังกฤษ เก่งขึ้นอย่างเร่งรัด เห็นผล มีเทคนิคเด็ด พร้อมเก็งข้อสอบให้พร้อม ประหยัดเวลาฝึกเอง



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